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Bungee Jumping
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The Ottawa River never looks better than from atop Ontario's only BUNGEE tower 150 feet over deep clean water. For many it's the thrill of a lifetime, for others it's the challenge of a lifetime. Whatever the reason, the feeling is unforgettable. Reserve your jump with your rafting reservation and save big time. To say it will be a "high" point is an understatement. This is supposedly how it all started. For over 1,500 years the inhabitants of Pentecost Island, part of Vanuatu (formerly New Hebrides) in the south Pacific have bungee jumped with vines attached to their ankles for yams. Success is a dozen or so leaps without killing or crippling which ensures a bountiful yam harvest. While we feel modern agriculture would be more effective, do keep in mind that cannibalism in that part of the world only officially ended in 1972. The divers, who start jumping from lower levels as young as 7, leap to prove their manhood. This is somewhat paradoxical since diving was started by a woman. Her name has been forgotten but legend has it she was an abused wife of a man named Tamalie. She ran deep into the jungle and climbed a tree. When Tamalie found her, she threatened to jump. To prove his love, he said he would leap too. She jumped, having secretly tied vines to her ankles. He jumped along with her not knowing about he vines. The vines saved her. He, of course, died. Women re-enacted the jump for years after that. Then the village elders decided this female rite was bad for Tamalie's spirit and ruled that, henceforth, men would do all the jumping. Way to go guys!
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