3-2-1 Bungy! by Wild Play

Bungee Jumping
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There really is nothing else like it. Come experience the exhilaration of the big jump at WildPlay Nanaimo. Jump off our 150' high bridge head first, with a big elastic band around your ankles! Our "first on the continent" bungy jump over the Nanaimo River is ranked as one of the top 100 things to do in Canada by a 2006 National Post survey. It's not for everyone, but over 190,000 people have felt the rush and earned their bragging rights! Single Jumps Did you know that you could earn the respect and admiration of everyone you know and empower yourself in just one action that would take a few minutes of your time? People who have leapt off our bridge have said that the feeling of joy, fun, freedom, trust and of course that huge rush of adrenalin - just can't be compared to anything else. You're also left with a long-lasting feeling of accomplishment and the self-confidence that you can do anything! Tandem Jumps Afraid to do it alone or just want a good excuse to do a full body hug while you jump off the bridge with a friend or loved one? The tandem jump may be just for you - as long as the other person is up to it! You'll be attached at the ankles and will need to do a full body hug during the jump to ensure a safe jump with each other. For a truly unique first date or to strengthen your bond with another person, it doesn't get better than this!
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Nanaimo, British Columbia

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