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Favoring the growing sport of sea kayaking, combined with fishing, this unique wilderness cruise takes paddlers deep into the majestic fjords and secluded waterways of an unspoiled ancient rainforest. Located 350 miles north of Vancouver, B.C., the Great Bear Rainforest is the ancestral home of the fabled Kermode or “spirit bear” as well as notorious Coho wolves, grizzlies, eagles, and the traditional summer habitat of the great whales. The only way to comfortably experience this majestic part of world is by vessel . Exploring in detail by Kayak provides you the stealth to view wildlife undisturbed and to truly feel part of the enviroment. Paddling Kayaks in the wake of the tugboat mother ship, guests are thrilled by lush vegetation, thundering waterfalls and breathtaking mountain scenery as they meander through peaceful waters cloaked in the hush of a great rain forest. Mother Nature is at her best and the waters teem with silvery Pacific salmon beginning their heroic journey to their native streams followed by marauding grizzlies, packs of wolves and majestic eagles. Anglers are supplied with all necessary fishing tackle, skiffs and guide as they are wined and dined in luxury aboard a restored 85 foot classic tugboat to enjoy all the splendors of one of the last great wilderness areas of the world.
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Vancouver, British Columbia

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