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The Oklahoma Aquarium Is a Public Non-Profit Aquarium Dedicated To the Mission, “Conservation Through Education.” More Than 70 Percent Of the Earth'S Surface Is Covered By Water, Yet the Thousands Of Fish and Other Other Aquatic Life Forms In Our Oceans, Lakes, Rivers and Streams, and the Critical Roles they Play In the Overall Health Of Our Planet are Largely Mysterious. the Oklahoma Aquarium Founders, Staff, Volunteers and Supporters Believe Knowledge Is the Key To Preserving Our Resources. Our Mission Statement, “Conservation Through Education” Sums Up That Belief. Through Enlightening Exhibits, Educational Programs and Up-Close, Sometimes Hands-On Encounters With Aquatic Life, It Is Hoped Visitors Come Away From the Oklahoma Aquarium With a Greater Understanding and Appreciation Of the Many Fish, Sharks, Corals and Other Species That Inhabit Our World'S Waters.
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Jenks, Oklahoma

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The Oklahoma Aquarium

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The Oklahoma Aquarium
The Oklahoma Aquarium

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