Hiking and caving in the Apuseni Mountains in Alba, Romania

Day 1 Guests arrival at the Cluj Napoca Airport and transfer. Visiting Cluj Napoca and its main touristic objectives. Transport to the guesthouse, by jeep. Visiting Turda Gorges. Guesthouse tour. Dinner.

Day 2 Breakfast. Jeep trip to Salciua and visiting Huda lui Papara Water Cave and the Vinatara area and the Poieni Valley where we will find traditional sheepfolds similar to the ones that existed 100 years ago. Return to the guesthouse. - Optional, if you are the adventurous type, we can visit only the cave, without the Vinatara area, the cave being a difficult one. In this cave there is a unique phenomenon for a Romanian cave: one of its halls, the Wonder Hall, has a warm air accumulation, keeping a constant temperature of 20oC all through the year, no matter the temperature outside. Because of the temperature in this room there appears another unique phenomenon: the stalactites are not vertical but are "broken", resembling a deer's leg. Return to the guesthouse and dinner.

Day 3 Breakfast. Visiting Poarta lui Ionele Cave and the biggest ice cave in Romania - Scarisoara Cave (here is the 2nd biggest glacier in a cave in Europe, 75.000 m3 of ice, and many stalagmites and other ice formations with graphical names: the Sea Horse, the Elephant, the Church and so on). Afterwards, offroad tour on Bihor peak, the highest peak of the Apuseni Mountains (1849 m altitude - a beautiful view point for the entire Transylvania) Returning to the guesthouse and dinner.

 Day 4 Breakfast; jeep trip to the Posaga Monastery and the Healing Spring and to the Scarita - Belioara Botanical Reservation. Here we will go hiking up the mountain for 800m altitude difference, where the landscapes are amazing. On our way up we will stop on different points that offer a beautiful view of the Aries Valley. Because of the orienting of the versant, we will find mediterranean plants towards the South and arctic plants towards the North, were is colder - this is a unique phenomenon in Romania. Returning to the guesthouse and dinner.

Day 5 Visiting the Vartop Glacier Cave and Coiba Mare Cave (fossil and active gallery with difficult access that "protects" the beautiful montmilch and stalactites ornaments. Returning to the guesthouse and dinner. Day 6 Breakfast. Visiting the gold mine galleries in Rosia Montana (the only ones in Europe that are 2000 years old) and the Detunata natural reservation (with 200m Basalt Columns and amazing scenery). Return to the guesthouse and dinner

Day 7-8 Breakfast. Visiting the Sighistel Valley Canyon and Magura Cave. This is one of the most beautiful caves in the Apuseni Mountains with chalk formations like montmilch, stalactites, stalagmites and draperies named: the Palm Tree, Genghis Khan's Helmet, the Great Dome and others; total visiting length: 1.5 Km). Caving and Canyoning. Tent camping. We will return to the guesthouse the next evening, for dinner.

Day 9 Tourists transfer to the Cluj Napoca Airport. On our way there we will stop in Turda and visit the salt mine.
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Alba, Romania

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