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The South Polar region offers the serious adventurer an incomparable experience. Unlike skiing the pack ice that surrounds the North Pole, your journey to the South Pole is on firm ground so-to-speak (it's actually 2 mile thick ice), with no pressure ridges or open water leads to block your path. Yet Antarctica has challenges of her own, namely relentless prevailing winds that tend to blow against you as you ski towards the South Pole. Still, this journey across the Polar plateau is worth every drop of sweat. Our journey begins in Punta Arenas, Chile where we'll meet and board a series of charter flights that take us to 88 or 89 degrees south (depending on which expedition you choose). From here we'll strap on our skis and sleds and make our way south to the Geographic South Pole. For the next 100-200 kilometers (60-120 miles) you'll ski 6-10 hours a day over the smooth ice of the polar plateau. If you've already traveled to the North Pole, you'll notice an incredible difference. For those who are on their inaugural Polar expedition, prepare to get hooked! Like all PolarExplorers' expeditions, you'll be involved in almost every aspect of your expedition, from setting up camp, to cooking meals, to practicing your hand at polar navigation (if you choose). Sleds will range in weight from 30-50 kilo (60-100 pounds) depending on if you are on the 1 or 2 degree expedition. Upon reaching the South Pole we'll have a grand celebration complete with champagne, a photo session to document your accomplishment, and the long-awaited call home. At the end of the journey we'll be shuttled back to Patriot Hills where we'll await our return flight to Punta Arenas and points north. To ensure that you have the best possible experience, we'll help you with all aspects of your pre-expedition preparations, from choosing the right clothing to learning how to pack your sled. Give us a call and let us tell you more about what skills you should have prior to the expedition, and what skills we will be teaching you prior to our departure. Our shakedown trip is an ideal way to learn all the skills that are necessary for an expedition of this magnitude!
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