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Super Jeep Tour
Within minutes of leaving the city, the Super Jeeps are put to the test by effortlessly climbing the 335 m/1,100 feet to the top of "'Ulfarsfell" - and once at the summit, the visitors are greeted by the sight of, quite literally, the city at their feet. We continue, following the hot water pipe line to its source, that to say, the apparently dormant volcano Hengill and nearby Lake Thingvallavatn (Iceland's largest natural lake). We pause at the viewpoint situated on the flanks of the volcano itself, taking the opportunity to gaze over the geothermal plant and to view the surreal landscape dotted with steam vents and bore holes. And then we head back to Reykjavik but not the "normal" way! Our expert drivers take you over the ancient lava plateau of Hellisheidi. On the way, if conditions allow, we will get a last smooth bumpy ride on the "Thousand Waters Route", splashing in the river.
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Mountaineers Of Iceland
Mountaineers Of Iceland

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