Aconcagua - Mountaineering, Normal Route in Mendoza, Argentina by Mountain Duck

Aconcagua Mountaineering Normal Route
ACONCAGUA - NORMAL ROUTE (6962 M.S.N.M.) PCIA. DE MENDOZA For any one who is planning the challenge of their lifetime, for any one who enjoys mountaineering, for any one who might dream about a glorious day 6,962 meters above sea level, for any one who already went and wants to go back, for any one who still hasn't decided: Come, climb one of the most beautiful trails in Aconcagua - the "Stone Centinel". Come and enjoy!! ITINERARY DAY BY DAY Day 1: Mendoza Day 2: Penitentes Day 3: Campsite Confluencia Day 4: Plaza Francia Day 5: Rest at Confluencia Day 6: Plaza de Mulas ("Plaza of the Mules") - Base Camp Day 7: Rest at Plaza de Mulas Day 8: Ascent of Cerro Bonete Day 9: Transportation of equipment to the campsite Plaza Canada Day 10: Day of rest in Plaza de Mulas Day 11: Campsite Plaza Canada Day 12: Transportation of the equipment to the Campsite Nido de Cóndores ("Condors' Nest") Day 13: Campsite Nido de Cóndores Day 14: Transportation of the equipment to Campsite Berlin Day 15: Campsite Berlin Day 16: The summit!!!!! Day 17: Descent to Plaza de Mulas Day 18: Return to Mendoza Day 19 and 20: Extra days in case of bad weather * We also organize expeditions to other mountains that can be scheduled for before our trip to Aconcagua such as Vallecitos, El Plata and Penitentes, all of which are ideal for assuring good acclimatization. Please contact us if you have any questions. ABOUT US MOUNTAIN DUCK is an enterprise developed by a group of people dedicated to professional mountaineering, outdoor activities, sustainability, and social responsibility. We offer activities and services for those not only seeking mountain experiences, but also willing to experience adventure tourism in a different and responsible way. Our programs offer the unique opportunity of hiking and interacting with different cultures and communities in beautiful natural environments. While the safety and enjoyment of our customers is our primary concern, we also put a strong emphasis on responsible tourism: protecting the environment, preserving local culture and heritage, and improving the quality of life of local populations.
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Mendoza, Mendoza

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