Hunt's Mesa Trail in Monument Valley, Utah

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We hike and climb a switch back trail, a 1200ft (400m) elevated mesa: one of the highest plateaus in Monument Valley. As we go about the trail, we'll show you the evidence of different geological events, and how the sediment sandstone developed through eons of time. This 'sland in the sky' mes has a view that is so spectacular that it puts people in awe as they wander about, overlooking the Valley. The crystal-clear atmosphere shows the valley floor as it stretches as far as the eye can see. It seems that you are saluting the spires, buttes and mesas that surround the area, as they are standing proudly saluting you back for your accomplishment. Every angle, every corner you turn, the impact is of a one-of-a-kind beauty. The colors of nature let you imagine and create your own conclusions. For this is 'The land of room enough and time enough'
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Monument Valley, Utah


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Monument Valley Simpson's Trailhandler Tours

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Monument Valley Simpson's Trailhandler Tours
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