Kayak Lessons & Trips In Chilean Patagonia in Santiago, Region Metropolitana

Kayak Lessons & Trips In Chilean Patagonia
Experience the adventure, beauty and the tranquility of gliding silently through extraordinarily pure waters surrounded by spectacular landscapes. Our self sufficient trips at both nearby and remote locations allow the discovery of the love of traveling in a boat powered only by you! It doesn't matter if you've never paddled before or if you are an expert in sea kayaking, Kayak Australis has the perfect trip for you, and if we don't, we'll make one. From the northern Humboldt Penguin reserves to the remote sea wolf colonies in the Patagonia, through innumerable lakes and rivers, we can take you wherever you want. We also have a school and a store for those of you who are interested in this wonderful sport and are planning their own expeditions. We'll be waiting for you out on the water.
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Santiago, Region Metropolitana

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