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Rio Futaleufu, Chile 8 Days Class IV & V The Rio Futaleufu is found in the heart of the Southern Andes in Northern Patagonia. It is by far one of the world's greatest whitewater destinations, that will satisfy even the most experienced rafter's palate. The river is unique; its clear, turquoise waters pass through a glacially sculpted granite river valley that rivals the Yosemite. Northern Patagonia is truly a great cultural experience. Colca Canyon, Peru 10 Days Class IV & V Hidden deep in the Andes of Southern Peru lies one of the deepest ccanyons in the world. Very few people have seen the depths of this gem in Southern Peru. The only access to this canyon is by river on either rafts or kayaks. About 65km long and 3100m deep, the canyon is filled with fascinating geologic features. Numerous impressive waterfalls join the river, which is guarded by live volcanoes and watched over by Andean Condors with wingspans up to 3m (9 feet!). The combination of demanding whitewater and inaccessibility has reserved this trip for the true adventurer. Come with us to explore one of the world's hidden gems.
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