The 'Morning Mist ' For Younger Kids in Whittier, North Carolina

White Water Rafting
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This family rafting trip is the perfect combination of fun, adventure, and safety for younger kids and their families. It's also great for beginners up to age 11. ALL of our guides are CPR and First Aid certified, ALWAYS carry First Aid kids and a cell phone (for 911 needed calls). We are the only outfitters on the 'Tuck' that do this for our families! Kids as young as age 4 can go on this trip. Kids under the age of 7 should be comfortable with water and a little bit of a go-getter. Age 7 and up usually do well unless they are really apprehensive. Older kids, even teens, can have a great time on the trip. Older kids may want to choose a Ducky solo to add adventure to the trip for them. It's definitely whitewater, but definitely not big whitewater. Bounce and churn through fun and exciting (but forgiving) rapids like Papa Bear, Moonshot, Double Drop, Slingshot, Surfing Rapid and Sharks Tooth
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Whittier, North Carolina

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Family Whitewater Rafting

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Family Whitewater Rafting
Family Whitewater Rafting