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Since the peaceful Rose Revolution in 2003, the Republic of Georgia has returned to the world map as a safe and fascinating new country to explore. It is a wonderful nation steeped in traditions and hospitality and a place where mountains meet heaven! The Northern Caucasus mountain range of Georgia is the centerpiece of this small but very scenic country – its physical presence is arguably grander than the Alps, especially for those attracted to landscapes, ethnic diversity and wildlife. The major peaks are more than 5,000 meters high and the chain stretches more than 1,200 kilometers between the Black and the Caspian Seas. This is a hiker's paradise, soon to be back on every international trekker's itinerary! If you venture to Georgia now, you will be one of the first hikers to return to this long beloved region. Explorers' Corner is excited about sharing this opportunity and will guarantee you an “experience of a lifetime”! Our hiking trip through the East Caucasus Mountains is an active and easy to moderate hiking and horseback supported hiking trip which goes through a variety landscapes. It is a unique Caucasian mountain journey linking three different and very unique mountain areas and peoples together – Kazbeghi, Khevsureti and Tusheti. We traverse from west to east and stay mostly in guesthouses in the villages en route – the best way to meet the locals! Starting in the beautiful capital of Tbilisi, we drive north toward the mountains following the historical Military Highway and end up at the dramatic scenery around the 16,000 foot high massif of Mt. Kazbeghi. According to Greek myth, Prometheus was chained to this mountain in punishment for stealing fire from the gods. From Kazbeghi we hike eastwards towards Khevsureti passing over some impressive high and alpine mountain landscapes. Khevsureti is rarely visited by outsiders and is famous for its beautiful capital of Shatili, a city carved out of history and renowned for its many stone fortress towers. Traveling beyond Khevsureti we reach the start of our journey into the third region of our trip – Tusheti. It is known for its hospitable traditions and gracious people and is a hidden Caucasian “Shangri-La” only accessible by road three months out of the year. Because of its rich flora and fauna, Tusheti has recently (and rightfully so) been declared a National Park of Georgia by the international conservation community. This is not only a journey full of natural wonders but an extraordinary journey through a remote mountain region and its wonderful people! We look forward to sharing this place with you!
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