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swim with wild dolphins
A guest says it best: "Today was one of the BEST ever. I mean - In my whole life. We all swam with real, wild, in the big blue ... Dolphins. They were pacific spinners and were amazing. We found a pod of about 20-30 and actually got to swim right next to them, with them. I had the whole pod all around me. On both sides above and below me - I was IN the pod. Totally awesome. Totally unbelievable, but so true. It's hard to swim as fast as a dolphin even when they're going slow. I am SO tired. Awesome. Captain Nancy and her crew were friendly, warm, and personable. They knew right where to bring us and exactly what t do to have an exceptional experience. It was terrific!!!" L.E.
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1/2 DAY

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Year Round

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Kailua-Kona, Hawaii

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