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Rock kraft courses are two sessions long. However, you can elect to limit or focus course material to one session rather than the suggested two. BASIC ROCK KRAFT This is the first course in our series for those who wish to begin pursuing climbing seriously. Our local rock is ideal for introductory purposes. We'll concentrate on the theory as well as the practical components of rock kraft. You'll learn the fundamentals of knots, equipment, rope signals, belaying, rappelling, and rope handling techniques, as well as the class and grade system used to rate the difficulty of routes. From the start, we emphasize the development of your analytical judgment skills. Gain confidence as you become familiar with the variations of stance, balance, and the general principals of movement on rock. We'll guide you through hands-on experience with modern free climbing techniques on slabs, faces and cracks, then it's on to full-pitch climbs. A fun, educational experience for all outdoor enthusiasts.
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Devils Tower, Wyoming

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