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Himalaya – the name says it all. Straddling the border between Tibet and its southerly neighbor, the Kingdom of Nepal, the world's tallest mountains soar to the heavens, seemingly piercing the unimaginably blue Tibetan skies. For the peoples of the Himalayan kingdoms, these mountains are sacred; for on their lofty heights dwell the gods and goddesses of the Indic religious traditions of Hinduism, Jainism, and Buddhism. Rising above them all is the “goddess” of all mountains, the colossal Everest. Reaching a stupendous 29,017 feet, the world's tallest mountain exerts a powerfully magnetic pull. Indeed, for many an intrepid explorer, the lure of the summit has proved irresistible, albeit at times tragically so. Known as “Peak XV” by the early Indo-British surveying team that established its summit as the world's highest, the mountain was later named after Sir George Everest, head of the Great Trigonometrical Survey. While this is the name by which most Westerners know the mountain, to Nepalis it is Sagarmatha, “The Forehead of the Sky.” One of Everest's most ardent admirers is also one of her most legendary explorers – renowned author, filmmaker and legendary climber, David Breashears. On this exciting trek to Everest's South Face, we start by taking the breathtaking mountain flight to Lukla from Kathmandu. We then undertake an eleven day trek in Khumbu, land of the Sherpa, to view Everest's majestic south face.
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