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Do you crave adrenaline? Are you ready to be blown away? Look no further. This adreline pumping experience starts with a chairlift ride to the summit of Mt. Institute, where your guides prep you and your buddies for the first four, single cable zips, each ranging in length from 700' to 1100'. These cables are within the canopy of the forest, close to the ground and really, really fast. As each zip passes, the length and speed that you travel increases and your endorphines start pump, and as you walk up the hill from Valley Jump you suddenly walk into a clearing and get your first glimpse of X1 and X2 (FYI, this is where your group collectively gasps, HOLY $>#**(!!!!) X1 (Extreme Zip 1) is 2300' in length. Similar to the old Denice the Menice cartoons, this zip crosses a ski trail, crosses a road, crosses two hundred year old stone walls, clears a stream, vaults you 156' over a forest, then brings you to rest in a grassy meadow, where you realize you have just cleared the valley between the ski area and a mountainside close to half a mile away! WOW! X1, my friends is just a warmup. After a beautiful (5-10 minuntes) hike uphill, X2 (Extreme Zip 2) brings you back to the ski area on a cable that is 2600' in length and is a very deceptive (meaning it feels a whole heck of a lot higher) 186' in the air. With speeds in excess of 50 mph, this zip is the culmination of the tour and is the ultimate zip in all of New England. On the lift ride down, the beautiful mountain tops on the north and south of the Deerfield River bookend one of the most gorgous views in Southern New England. Certainly a great way to wind down after one of the most intense bursts of endorphines adrenaline thought a person can experience.
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