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We have been organizing and guiding Nature Tours in Kenyan coast area for many years, and for that reason we believe that we can offer you full day to half day excursions that you that you will throughoutly appreciate. The mouth of the Sabaki River is an internationally recognized Important Bird Area and serious Nature and Bird Watching Safaris stop here on a regular basis. Many hotels in the region organize regular day trips to Gede, and even to the famous Arabuko Sokoke Forest. But a walking safari at Sabaki and at the Malindi Sand Dunes gives our guests a chance to experience some of what their African holiday has always been missing. Many tourists would like to do more than burn on the beach and goggle while on the Kenyan coast. A walking Safari at the mouth of the Sabaki River, at the sand dunes, Arabuko Sokoke, Mida Creek, Gongoni Salt Pans (North of Sabaki Bridge), Lake Chem Chem in the east, In the morning or evening when properly led by a guide with Telescope, and Binoculars for visitor's use, It's a magical experience! The surf is often big and rough as the river fights its way into the ocean. Flocks of Flamingos and 200 other kinds of birds, many of them migrants from Europe congregate here in their thousands. Often a Fish Eagle attacks and sends the flamingos flying. These things are easily seen with the telescope and binoculars. There are fishermen we talk with and photograph, on our walking safaris here, we return via the dunes and marshes, where often there are ducks, geese or storks. The tallest dunes are clean, grey sand, up to 50 feet tall, in beautiful patterns, a wonderful collection for the landscape photographers!
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