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Welcome to Alaska Rainforest Sanctuary, the 49th state's outstanding natural wildlife viewing experience. Bordering the magnificent Tongass, the nation's largest national forest, this 40 acre reserve includes tall stands of spruce, hemlock and cedar trees reaching skyward from a forest floor saturated with mosses, wild flowers and a variety of berries. The sanctuary is located at picturesque Herring Cove, 8 road miles from Ketchikan. Eagle Creek, one of Alaska's richest salmon spawning streams, flows through this diverse ecosystem, into an estuary and the ocean. A groomed gravel trail weaves through the rich rainforest and transforms to an elevated boardwalk along the banks of the creek, where a variety of fauna linger during the salmon season. A major fish hatchery is located across the creek from the sanctuary boardwalk. Thousands of Pacific salmon spawn in the creek throughout the summer. Bountiful supplies of salmon and berries attract bears and other mammals, in addition to Bald eagles, ravens, blue Herron, and many other critters in the food chain. Other on-site experiences include interacting with a herd of Alaskan Reindeer, viewing eagles close-up at the Alaska Wildlife Foundation center, watching a Native master totem-pole carver at work, and visiting a historic Alaska sawmill. The tour concludes with refreshments provided in the General Store. A unique Alaska experience, perfect for the nature lover!
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Alaska Rainforest Sanctuary

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Alaska Rainforest Sanctuary
Alaska Rainforest Sanctuary

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