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Things to do in New York

New York

New York is definitely one of the best travel destinations when it comes to eclectic culture, bustling city life and breathtaking sceneries. This could be one of your most memorable trips where history blends so well with fast paced lifestyle of New Yorkers.

New York is one of the most densely populated states in the U. S. with over 8.2 million residents. This state is very rich in cultural history and it became the 11th state in 1788. New York offers visitors a unique experience that can be pleasing to the senses- the sights and sounds of New York can truly be remarkable.

Best Times to Visit New York

Upstate New YorkNew York is an all year round travel destination. Summer is the time when most visitors flock the area and great for any outdoor activities like visiting the historical Statue of Liberty or enjoying family time in Coney Island and other best New York attractions, but it could get really hot and humid especially in the moths of July and August. Winter is truly special where people are enjoying the snow outside most especially in New York City that transforms into something magical during this season. For most seasoned travelers New York in late summer until early fall is the best time where temperatures are lovely and comfortable. The autumn months of September and October provide pleasant weather with temperature ranging from 50° to 60°F, but bear in mind that this season is quite expensive for any traveler. Good deals on hotels are available during post winter by mid-January until April.

Popular Things to Do in New York

New York is an all year round travel destination. Summer is the time when most visitors flock the area and great for any outdoor activities like visiting the historical Statue of Liberty or enjoying family time in Coney Island and other best New York attractions, but it could get really hot and humid especially in the moths of July and August. Winter is truly special where people are enjoying the snow outside most especially in New York City that transforms into something magical during this season. For most seasoned travelers New York in late summer until early fall is the best time where temperatures are lovely and comfortable. The autumn months of September and October provide pleasant weather with temperature ranging from 50° to 60°F, but bear in mind that this season is quite expensive for any traveler. Good deals on hotels are available during post winter by mid-January until April.

  • NYC Beaches

    Frolic among the best hidden beaches in New York - When one thinks of New York certain things come to mind like the Empire State Building or the Central Park but eventually New York has hidden treasures of great sandy beaches that can be explored by any visitors. Although not everyone knows where to go and enjoy patches of fine sandy paradise when all the while tourists are trying to cool off summer’s heat through ice creams or in crowded pools. Great thing that there are beautiful beaches around New York that you can enjoy. Have a fun day on this iconic beach the Coney Island. Conveniently located with newly renovated shower stalls, board walk and well maintained premises that will certainly be pleasing to both young and old, this beach is certainly should not be missed.

    In Bronx you will find the Orchard Beach this was once known as the “Riviera of the New York City”. The Orchard features a nice crescent shaped beach with amenities like playground and food vendors. After swimming or sunbathing you could just walk for a few minutes to City Island for best seafood dishes.

    The Great Kills Park is a secluded beach in Staten Island; this place is a prefect refuge away from the bustling crowd where you can enjoy a quiet moment with a beautiful 2.5 miles boardwalk. The journey on the ferry boat to Staten Island is very relaxing since it has fantastic views, from here you can reach the beach via their railway that would take you to a charming harbor and to this tranquil beach area. Just be sure to bring your own picnic basket since there are no food outlets nearby.

  • Be informed and marvel at exhibits at New York’s finest museums - New York has many interesting museums that are considered as top destinations for art and history. The American Museum of Natural History houses an extensive collection of artifacts from dinosaurs’ fossilized skeleton to over 32 million specimens. This historical museum took center stage in one of Hollywood’s top grosser movie “Night at the Museum” that is why for sure kids of all ages will be delighted to visit this place. You could also check out the Planetarium Space show on their state of the art IMAX Theater.

    For modern art you can head out to The Metropolitan Museum of Art that has a wide collection of classical art from Roman and Greek to Asian and African artifacts. In 1906 a special department was created to accommodate rare collection of Egyptian artifacts in this iconic museum. Another interesting New York museum that is worth visiting is the Museum of Modern Art or popularly known as MoMa. This museum showcases contemporary and modern art from sculptures, paintings, architectural design illustrations to graphics. MoMa is now home to epic artworks of well-known artists like Picasso, Monet, Van Gogh, Matisse and Andy Warhol.

  • Empire State Building

    Get the most exhilarating views of New York atop the Empire State Building - When visiting New York it is a must for any traveler to get up on the 86th Floor of the magnificent Empire State Building for a memorable experience that would give a sweeping view of the Big Apple. This architectural masterpiece showcases exemplary Art Deco design which is recognized as the famous office building in the world. The lobby will welcome you with spectacular ceiling art deco mural right on the observatory deck. This National Historic landmark is one of the most popular New York attractions that should not miss.

  • Experience the tranquil natural beauty of Bear Mountain State Park - This scenic park offers exhilarating hiking experience to any traveler. With scenic woodsy trails that can be good for an easy hiking experience to more a challenging hiking expedition that would take you to Appalachian Trail. The most rewarding spot in this beautiful park is the Perkins Memorial Tower where you can get panoramic views that stretches to a 360° landscape featuring the states of New Jersey, New York, Connecticut and Pennsylvania. Scenic views like the Hudson River and Storm King Art Center are visible at 1,000 Feet below.

  • Be enthralled by the majestic Niagara Falls - Niagara Falls State Park is the country’s oldest state park that millions of visitors had explored. Here travelers can experience the thundering force of the majestic Niagara Falls. This lush park covers a wide 400 acres area with teeming wildlife and inspiring terrain. This is certainly one of your best New York tours that you could ever have conveniently located just 30 minutes away from the Buffalo Airport. This enchanting place will get you up close and personal with a good vista point just about 20 feet from the cascading powerful waters of Niagara Falls. Aside from the breathtaking views you can explore the 15 miles trail system within the park that will take you to scenic landscape surrounding the mighty falls. Designed by the world famous landscape architect Frederick Law Olmstead he created a masterpiece of scenic landscape around the Niagara Falls. Take advantage of this unforgettable experience and stay here for a few days to fully engulf the beauty of this enchanting New York escape.

  • Lake Placid

    Enjoy a grand escape to Lake Placid - This top notch winter sports destination is located in Essex County in New York with Olympic class facilities for thrilling things to do in New York such as speed skating, bobsledding, skiing and ski jumping. If you exhaust your energy among these winter fun activities you can certainly enjoy shopping in many hip boutiques and dine in fine restaurants. But winter is not the only time to enjoy the splendor of Lake Placid you can also visit during summer and explore the natural beauty of Adirondack State Park. This vast beautiful park is far larger than Yosemite or Yellowstone National Parks with so many outdoor activities offered all year round. You can also take your whole family to a scenic hike on top of Mount Jo with just an easy 600 feet of climbing and get awesome views of this rocky mountains, this is an opportunity to take great photos.

Best Places to Stay While in New York

New York is a premier destination with many accommodation choices to choose from. From chic boutique hotels to luxury accommodations to quaint bed and breakfast- available within the Big Apple or within the surrounding areas that would certainly meet your budget and distinct taste. Having a great place to stay while enjoying your New York tours in or outside the city is important to make your visit truly unforgettable.

  • The NoMad Hotel - this hotel is located in Chelsea, is one of the best boutique hotels in all New York. Inspired by classic elements, the architectural design will bring value to the art décor that this hotel has with bohemian style motif through detailed ceiling moldings and mosaic tile flooring. Each hotel room is unique with its own art collection making NoMad an outstanding hotel experience.

  • Soho Grand Hotel - ideally located in the heart of SoHo in West Broadway this luxury hotel evokes old style elegance with contemporary flair. Classic architectural elements such as the vaulted ceilings and high columns add to the distinct character of this hotel with well-designed guest rooms with luxurious amenities and adorn with black and white photos of the 40’s and 50’s for some retro art feel.

  • The Four Seasons Hotel - conveniently located near the Central Park on the elegant Midtown side, The Four Season has stylish hotel rooms that provide a sweeping view of the city and the Hudson River. Amidst the grandiose hotel décor of towering ceilings and exquisite marble floors this hotel has personalized service where you’ll feel valuable.

  • Gild Hall Wall Street - this Thompson hotel is ideally located within the New York’s financial district in lower Manhattan that features European classic styling fused with chic American design. It has well-appointed rooms with antique brass chandeliers on 12 foot high ceiling and custom designed leather headboards for luxurious feel. Great interiors and superb customer service.

Popular Places to Eat in New York

Probably the most rewarding and gratifying part in traveling to New York is to sample the best food available in the planet from fine dining restaurants, charming deli shop to exquisite street food kiosks which can offer the best dining experience. One of the best things to do in New York is to start your gastronomical trip by sampling the finest cuisines for the unforgettable taste unique to this place.

  • Keens Steakhouse in New York City - this charming old restaurant was established in 1885, rich in historical value and is the only surviving commercial establishment of the Herald Square Theatre District. Known for its sumptuous steak dishes and famous mutton chops Keens has so much delicious treats to offer amidst its elegant and genuinely classic ambience.

  • Lucali in Brooklyn - this Italian restaurant is very famous for its legendary pizzas that are totally hot and crispy with flavorful concoction of toppings. Mark Iacono has made this place legendary for his ability to serve the best tasting pizza in New York. Alongside delicious pastas and pizzas, Lucali has exceptional elegant dining area that you’ll surely love.

  • The Spotted Pig in New York City - this popular food joint has been receiving regular celebrity visitors from Bill Clinton to Jay-Z and Chef April Bloomfield never ceases to amaze anyone who tasted her delectable creations. Considered as one of the top restaurants in New York that serves the best burger in town has the usual long cue of people waiting to sample its extra ordinary dishes.

  • Laconde Verde in Greenwich - this famous establishment is co-owned by the iconic actor Robert DeNiro that thrives in its rustic Italian restaurant appeal. Offering the best pastries, coffee masterpieces and incredible Italian dishes in a homey and easy going ambience. What’s even more amazing than the exquisite food and drinks that they serve is the affordable pricing that would quite be surprising considering the impeccable quality and good service that they provide.

The state of New York welcomes millions of visitors each year. This vast state has many new york attractions to offer that will surely please any expectant visitors. From stunning natural beauty of the famous Niagara Falls to the bustling excitement of the Big Apple, New York has everything that any traveler could hope for and more to discover in this unique travel experience unmatched by any other destination. Plan your trip to New York and feel the exceptional rush of this beautiful state.

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