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Nashville, TN

Nashville is the county seat of Davidson and Tennessee’s capital situated on the northern central part of the Volunteer State along the Cumberland River. There are so many things to do in Nashville when you decide to visit this wonderful area. Known in the U. S. as the center for music that goes with a nickname of “Music City” has many beautiful places to visit that have breathtaking views for any weary and adventurous traveler.

Nashville has the true country vibe that that you will instantly feel not only from its inclination for music but very much present in its down to earth culture characterized by its people with good old country values to the modernity that this city-county is currently undergoing through the growing numbers of trendy shops and boutiques downtown. Here, music has been the common inspiration that binds the people to this beautiful city and visitors can attest to this by experiencing its local music, culture and the genuine southern hospitality.

Best Times to Visit Nashville

Late spring, summer and early fall are the best times to visit Nashville. This period will cover the months of April to October where the average temperature is warmer that can go as low as 70 degrees and can go as high at 90 degrees by July then will gradually return to 70s come October. During these times the beauty of the warm weather ushers in the music of city where it is much alive. The climate in the Music City can be erratic with sudden changes from high humidity to loud thunderstorms, it is best to arm yourself with the proper gear that will suit the varying weather conditions here when visiting. Hotel and accommodation rates can soar during summer and popular times of year.

Winter season in Nashville is considered as the low season for travelers where rates, prices and travel fares are much more affordable. Although this is the low season, during this time of year Nashville can be quite charming especially during December when lovely and amazing decorations are on display at the Opryland Hotel and at the Belle Meade Plantation. Travelling from the months of November to March except on holidays is such a treat to budget conscious visitors.

Popular Things to Do in Nashville

There are so many interesting places to visit and many things to do in Nashville depending on your preferred activities. Actually, there is something for anyone here in the Music City. These Nashville attractions are truly worthy of any visitor’s time and effort. Nashville has a lot to offer its visitors from the very famous places that showcase the best of country music to a nature park that lets you rediscover the beauty of the outdoors.


    Nashville is a great place for any true blue country music lover. If you are a lover of music then better make some time to visit the Country Music Hall of Fame which is conveniently located in the District or otherwise as known as the Grand Ole Opry in the northeast part of the city’s center. Many recent visitors also highly recommend visiting the Musicians hall of Fame which highlights the historical influence of Nashville to country music and music from various genres.

    Music lovers from all walks of life can sample Nashville and grab some records from many of its distinct music stores scattered around the downtown. A trip to the District will let you experience the best live music from amazing venues that showcase music from the rock and roll genre, gospel and the famous Nashville country music.


    Hiking around Nashville is truly an inspiring adventure for any nature lover. The Natchez Trace Parkway offers an historic stretch of nostalgic roadway connecting Tennessee and Mississippi that can be experience via hiking on its old and worn down horse and foot path. Here you can engulf yourself on the picturesque view of the woods its natural landscape. There are plenty of beautiful lakes around Nashville that can take you into a relaxing boat ride. A cruise along the Cumberland River is such a wonderful trip and you will have the chance to witness the teeming wildlife along the banks. The Percy Pierce Lake offers great kayaking experience and paddle boats for the kids to enjoy. The Radnor offers a peaceful recluse with beautiful walking trail and abundance of wildlife. You can also try horseback riding and biking around the many parks in Nashville. For country star celebrity fans, a drive along famous celebrity homes could earn you the chance to spot your favorite celebrity.


    Nashville historical value is quite an interesting thing to experience via Nashville tours that will let you travel back in time. The downtown area offers an historical ride onboard the General Jackson Showboat along the famous Cumberland River that includes dinner or lunch when cruising. For art lovers, the museums at the District will be a memorable visual feasts, notably the Frist Center for the Visual Arts is a must-see. Make time to visit also the Cheekwood Botanical Garden and Museum of Art located at Belle Meade which is a popular spot among tourists. For a nostalgic trip back in time to the 18th century, visiting the Belle Meade Plantation, Hermitage and Belmont Mansion will surely be worthwhile.

Popular Places to Stay in Nashville

Nashville has many hotel and accommodation options that can suit any kind of traveler. Your choice of place to stay in Nashville may depend on the type of activities that you plan to do in the Music City.

  • The Hermitage Hotel - considered as the most luxurious and historic hotel in Nashville, staying here would be a very pleasant experience. Known for its gracious staff and luxurious amenities, you will be treated like a royalty here with southern hospitality.

  • The Opryland Hotel - this hotel offers classical grandeur through its breathtaking views. The great ambience at the Cascades Atrium is really revitalizing with lit fountains that evokes classic romanticism. The Garden Observatory offers guests to be in a lush garden filled with exotic plants under the majestic round glass ceiling. While the Delta Island has an Italian vibe with elegant shops and stores, this is an indoor area but surrounded by water with river boat ride.

  • Hutton Hotel - offers modern chic sophistication with its hip contemporary design that features a modern industrial look on its exterior. The hotel’s furnishings were crafted from recycled wood and there is an available hybrid car that can shuttle guests in and out town.

Popular Places to Eat in Nashville

The Nashville culinary scene comprises of spicy fried chicken, steaks and scrumptious barbecue dishes with the usual sidings of mac n’ cheese and the country style baked beans in restaurants mostly found in the southern part of the city, great for casual diners. But for discriminating palate the District offers upscale dining through various international restaurants and home cooked southern food eateries.

  • Mad Platter Restaurant - highly recommended by many travelers for its variety of comfort food and southern style fusion dishes that depend on fresh local produce. The rack of lamb is served with fresh vegetables and is a favorite among visiting diners. Ideally located at the historic Germantown this is a great venue for intimate gathering.

  • Jack’s Barbecue - a favorite among locals and tourists alike, this place has a historical vibe in it. Offering the best barbecue dishes in Nashville with award winning barbecue sauces.

  • Loveless Café - a well-known “any-time” restaurant that offers the classic favorite southern styled original recipe biscuits. The Loveless Café’s fried chicken is truly a favorite among hungry patrons. Located at the highway 100 and has been serving the best biscuits and fried chicken since 1951.

Any visitor that stayed in Nashville will swear of a memorable trip that comprises of the country charm of its hospitable people, vibrant music scene and amazing outdoors. Nashville should be on top of anyone’s list when searching for good food, friendly people, country culture and great music.

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