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Many tourists who visited Iceland marveled at its grandiose beauty and promised to return to this magnificent island. Situated at the tip of the Arctic, this amazing place has the most inspiring landscape with sheer natural beauty in the entire European continent. Iceland has the most fascinating geological features from the vast desert to thundering waterfalls all unique to this part of the world.

The Republic of Iceland converges at the Arctic Ocean and North Atlantic, on the mid-Atlantic Ridge with about 320,000 residents. Iceland capital Reykjavik is the largest city and home to more than 60% of its total population. Visitors from all over the world are mesmerized with the best iceland attractions through its natural wonders such as flowing geysers, the Europe’s largest barren highlands, majestic ice cap and the mystifying northern lights glowing amidst the winter darkness. These are just some of the best sights to behold and get ready to explore more of Iceland’s breathtaking views.

Best Times to Visit Iceland

Iceland is indeed one great destination that any traveler could enjoy in any season of the year. The usual peak travel season starts from the middle of May up to early September wherein daylight hours are relatively longer. In July, most highland and interior routes are open for travelers. Expect some great deals during non-peak seasons in spring, late autumn and winter. The best time for budget conscious travelers is to visit Iceland between February and March wherein daylight is longer than early winter months.

The warmest months are June to August; this period is highly recommended for first time Iceland travelers. Summer time here has something special to offer and it’s a natural phenomenon popularly known as the Midnight Sun is a view to behold. If you prefer to challenge the cold temperatures during winter better prepare yourself to brave out the Polar Nights wherein daylight averages to only 3 to 4 hours. Colder seasons feature the best outdoor activities and fascinating city life.

ICELAND TOURS, Attractions and Things to Do

Iceland is the ultimate travel destination when it comes to all sorts of adventures. Whether you are an outdoorsy type who loves winter sports or a city dweller who loves to meet the locals in famous joints then you will certainly have many things to do in Iceland that would create a lifetime of wonderful memories. Exploring the breathtaking sceneries through Iceland tours promises an adventure you’ll never forget.

  • Glacier Hiking Iceland

    Explore the beauty of nature through GLACIER HIKING - This exploratory hiking adventure will take you to beautiful glaciers beyond your wildest imagination. From the heart of the city Reykjavik you can take the Sólheimajökull for a chance to learn ice climbing along the way. Take a scenic hike towards majestic Skógafoss & Seljalandsfoss waterfalls then head off to the mesmerizing Reynisfjara black sand beach to experience the unique sceneries. For the more experienced hiker the Snæfellsjökull glacier offers a magical experience, for local Icelanders this mystifying landform connotes mythical legend. This magnificent glacier is a volcano covered in alpine white snow. Situated on the Snæfellsnes peninsula, hiking on this glacier is probably your most remarkable adventure among all your Iceland tours.

  • Take a day trip around the exceptional SKAFTAFELL and VATNJOKULL NATIONAL PARK - This action packed adventure is available during the summer season. Here you will experience driving around the national park through a super jeep then head on a boat trip down the Jökulsárlón Glacier Lagoon for a smashing water adventure. See the best views of Iceland glaciers through the popular glacier walk right in the heart of the majestic Virkisjökull Outlet Glacier accessible from the city available at scheduled times in a week.

  • See the best scenic spots through MOUNTAIN BIKING ICELAND - Biking brings you the opportunity to experience the exhilarating natural beauty of Iceland. There are several biking tours you can choose from depending on your stamina and the places you want to explore. City biking will let you explore the unique culture and eclectic Icelander city life. You can also bike your way to the Blue Lagoon and witness the vast wilderness of steaming volcano with flowing lava then immense yourself in the invigorating waters of the beautiful Blue Lagoon. And for the ultimate biking expedition the Fjallabak highlands offer everything that any explorer could ever wish for. Here you get to explore remote highland areas with panoramic glacier views, sweeping canyons plus magnificent volcanoes. This will certainly be your most unforgettable bike ride.

  • Iceland Waterfalls

    Visit the marvelous GULLFOSS WATERFALLS - This is one of the most popular Iceland attractions visited by most tourists. Situated on Hvita River with water that comes from the Hvitarvatn glacier lake and flows from Langjokull glacier. Gullfoss towers to 32 meters in height with two stages at 11 meters and 21 meters. The huge waterfall crevice measures 20 meters in width by an astonishing 2.5 kilometers in length. Experience the most breathtaking view that you’ll ever see only in Iceland.

  • Watch FANTASTIC MARINE LIFE around the city - Whale watching Iceland and seeing magnificent sea creatures are all possible within the Reykjavik area. What is so fascinating about this Iceland capital city is its proximity that allows you to witness great ocean life up close in the ocean just around the city. View ocean animals like whales, seals and even dolphins in one of your Iceland tours and the best time to do this is sometime in late March to October. Try to make a boat trip to Puffin Island and also have an exciting ocean fishing expedition which is now available from local boat operators. Reykjavik is one of a few places in Europe that offers great whale watching adventure.

  • Take an invigorating bath in the famous LAUGARDALSLAUG GEOTHERMAL POOL - One great experience that Iceland can offer is the opportunity to bath in the natural warm water emanating from the volcanoes on Iceland geysers. The Laugardalslaug Geothermal Pool is the largest natural pool in Iceland that includes good facilities such as steam bath, thrilling 86 meter water slide, hot pots, whirlpools, outdoor pool and an Olympic size indoor swimming pool. These excellent bathing pools are distinct Rekjavik’s treasure and have been part of the social circuit among locals and tourists. The volcanic water provides an excellent warm temperature of about 29°C with hot pots or heitir pottar a Jacuzzi type pool that is kept at high temperature of between 37° to 42°C to heal tired aching bodies.

  • Experience the BEST SNORKELING ADVENTURE in Iceland pristine glacial waters - The idea of snorkeling among the glacial water may sound so extreme for others but this exhilarating experience should never be missed and should be included in your Iceland travel itinerary. The Þingvellir (Thingvellir in English) National Park has crystal clear deep water coming off the tectonic rift valley that is so fresh and pure that you can even drink from it. Your snorkeling adventure will take you to the world renowned narrow canyon in Silfra fissure a lava field that magnificently lies between the European and American continents. Imagine swimming amidst two continental waters? This is truly a unique Iceland experience that can only come once in a lifetime. Silfra water is a perfect combination of ground and glacier water from the highlands that took decades of filtration through the majestic lava fields before it enters the Silfra fissure. The result is the purest and the cleanest water on the planet that offers 100% under water visibility in the usual depth of 70 to 80 meters that is more exceptional than any snorkeling sites in the world. Snorkeling in Silfra is one of the best things to do in Iceland that does not require any diving skills.

  • Wander in awe and embark on an ICELAND CITY TOUR - Walk your way around the Iceland city center of Reykjavik in any weather. Cruise along the harbor for magnificent views and visit the Hallgrímskirkja Church and unique museums for some historical insights. The National Gallery of Iceland is a museum and exhibit center that houses Iceland historical and cultural artifacts that is totally free of charge. Take time to include in your Iceland tours a visit to “Perlan” or The Pearl, which is a huge dome glass and steel structure which serves as a great vantage viewing point over Reykjavik.

  • Experience three of the BEST NATURAL PHENOMENA in Iceland - These amazing displays of natural occurrences can be witnessed in the Arctic region including Iceland. Make time to view such magnificent natural wonders. Like the Aurora Borealis or the Northern Lights, the Midnight Sun and the Polar Nights. Each one has unique characteristics with a vivid display of natural lights over the Scandinavian sky. Depending on what time of the year you will be visiting Iceland it is really a must to experience these mystifying phenomena that will surely be your great once in a lifetime unique travel adventure.

Best Place to Stay in Iceland

Summer time is exceptional in Iceland when days are longer and the midnight sun is a welcoming sight. This is one of the most unique Iceland attractions that will give you more options on how to spend your evenings.

If you are searching for good accommodations whether you are on a budget or would rather splurge on some luxury, you can always find decent and beautiful places to stay here. There are various types of accommodations from hotels, bed and breakfast to charming guest houses all available to suit your taste and budget.

  • Hotel Reykjavik Centrum - this fine hotel is centrally located within the city proper with great architectural design. The glass roofing connects two buildings that have 89 traditional and deluxe rooms. With amenities ranging from mini bars to Wi-Fi internet that can make your stay even more pleasant.

  • Brimnes Hotel & Cabins - if you want something warm and unique the Brimnes offers a cozy ambience in their Scandinavian style charming log cabins located on the lake shore. Great views with relaxing hot tubs await guests on the hotel verandah. Breathtaking lakeshore views with great service amidst the reasonable pricing.

  • Guesthouse Sunna - this charming guesthouse exudes simple elegance with great amenities suitable for families or groups. Studio apartments are spacious and can accommodate up to 8 guests that will include hearty breakfast with freshly baked home style breads. Very affordable and highly accessible.

Best Dining Spots in Iceland

Iceland offers an exceptional dining experience for all types of guests. Expect the freshest seafood, modern fusion cuisine and an array of restaurants offering world class cuisines to local favorite dishes. And the best perk is, you get to experience dining with exceptional panoramic views overlooking the great Northern Lights, rivers and beautiful glaciers- dining in Iceland is a totally unique experience.

  • Laekjarbrekka Restaurant in Reykjavik - this cozy home style restaurant is great for intimate or romantic dinner. The charming home setting gives a perfect warm ambience amidst the traditional Icelandic tapestry evident in their tablecloth setting and napkins. The Laekjarbrekka house was traditionally built as a bakery in the 19th century and was later converted to a restaurant that serves traditional Nordic dishes of lamb and the freshest lobster.

  • Perlan or The Pearl - if you want an exceptional dining experience come and dine in Perlan. This glass dome structure has a rotating restaurant that offers a 360° full view of the panoramic Reykjavík and beyond the horizon. Their multi awarded head chef prepares traditional dishes alongside world class cuisines in an exhilarating modern ambience.

  • Grill Market - offers a variety of fresh dishes according to season’s harvest utilizing the freshest ingredients straight from the lakes, sea, farms and rivers. Dishes are prepared using traditional Icelandic cooking techniques from charcoal, wood, smoke and fire achieving excellent rustic flavors combined with freshness. Inspiring architectural design that features the unique Icelandic geographical landscape from the fine interior setting to custom made furniture with impeccable lighting, all for your dining and visual pleasure.

The inspiring beauty of nature in Iceland will definitely take center stage to any Iceland tours, but this should not be the only reason to visit and experience this unique arctic island. Apart from the magnificent glaciers, hot springs, marine life and awesome panoramic sceneries the city capital of Reykjavik offers a safe recluse to any visitors with such sophistication and modern city life, and its lively nightlife that will go well beyond any traveler’s expectations. Iceland is indeed an exceptional place to visit and should be in anyone’s bucket list. Great culture, bustling city life, awesome natural wonders and friendly people are the reasons that Iceland is one of the best tourist spots in this planet.

Map of Iceland

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12 Iconic Locations
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