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Grand Canyon Tours

Grand Canyon, Arizona

Considered as one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World, the Grand Canyon is inhabited by Native Americans for thousands of years now and offers the best geological wonder through its ancient rock formations. Rock layers formed tell about the North America continent’s geological history and the majestic sweeping views of the canyons are sights to behold for any traveler.

The Grand Canyon in Arizona was carved by the Colorado River through time resulting to the steep sided landscape feature truly unique in nature. With more than five million visitors per year this canyon is managed by Grand Canyon National Park and the more popular areas to visit are the South Rim which has facilities for visitors while the North Rim offers a place of solitude, less crowded but more remote.

Best Time to Visit the Grand Canyon

To fully enjoy your Grand Canyon Tour the best times to visit are from March through May and September through November. These periods are considered best due the comfortable cooler daytime temperature and when the area is less crowded. Summer is the peak season you must brace yourself for hordes of tourists and finding accommodation within the area is never easier. Best travel deals are available during the winter, but parts of the Grand Canyon Park will be closed right after the first snowfall. Planning is crucial when you intend to have your vacation trip here.

  • MARCH to MAY - this is a great time to visit when temperature are rising and with less crowd. Temperatures here fluctuate drastically from the 50s to around 70s so be ready and prepare some appropriate gear. Keep in mind that the North Rim area of the park is possibly still off-limits due to snow.

  • JUNE to AUGUST - people from all over flock to the park this summer season and during mid-May until mid-September sunny days are expected all throughout the park. Temperatures will vary from 40 to 80 degrees and it is very advisable to have some protection against the burning rays of the sun.

  • SEPTEMBER to NOVEMBER - this is the ideal period to visit. When autumn ushers in, children are back in school while parents are back to work, with less tourists meant more leisurely travel with many accommodation options available. Bring some warm clothes, temperature ranges from mid-20 to mid-70’s degrees.

  • DECEMBER to FEBRUARY - this is the most serene period in the Grand Canyon, totally quiet with very few tourists around. Brace yourself to travel amidst the frosty temperature by packing warm clothing and proper shoes. The North Rim will be entirely closed once snow sets in, but the trails on the South Rim remained open during this season.

Grand Canyon Tours

Visiting the Grand Canyon will give you the chance to marvel at the many scenic overlooks from massive rock formations, caves, vast gorges, ridges to the amazing Colorado River. Sightseeing is not the only activity around the canyon there are many exciting things to do in Grand Canyon and you should include any of these in your Grand Canyon tours to make your trip more memorable and rewarding.

  • BEST RAFTING ADVENTURE at the COLORADO RIVER - Prepare yourself for the thrill ride of your life by conquering the mighty Colorado River. Enjoy a pleasant whitewater experience that will give you a unique perspective of the Grand Canyon viewing it from the river. Different types of rafting adventures are available from smooth water rafting day trips to rough water rafting. Make advance reservations ahead since this rafting adventure is available on limited slot basis.

  • HIKING EXPEDITION around the GRAND CANYON - The Grand Canyon National Park is considered the hiker’s paradise with many miles to explore, caves to discover and the unique flora and fauna that you’ll never get to see elsewhere. The most popular hiking trip is the Bright Angel Trail which will begin at the Grand Canyon Village. The Bright Angel Trail is basically an easy and comfortable hiking trail that you and your family can enjoy. Hikers will be taken to the lush greeneries of the Garden Creek right into the Plateau Point for breathtaking views and down to the challenging switchback point at the Devil’s Corkscrew before reaching the final stop at the Inner Gorge. You can choose among the many amazing grand canyon tours available and check out the other exciting trails around the canyon.

  • EXPLORING the CANYON through MULE RIDE TRIPS - Mule ride is a unique, relaxing and fun way to explore the Grand Canyon. A mule ride is an exceptional way to get around the canyon if for some reason you don’t intend to exert much effort through hiking. Be sure to make some reservation either on the full day mule ride trip or for the overnight option at least 6 months in advance. Mule trips are selling quickly and reservations are easily sold out. A full day mule trip will last for seven hours while the overnight trip includes accommodation to the world famous Phantom Ranch.

  • MEMORABLE TRIP ABOARD the GRAND CANYON RAILWAY - Riding the classic Grand Canyon Railway is an exhilarating way to experience the scenic sights of the majestic Grand Canyon. There are several options that you can choose that will include lodging, meals and full guided tour. The Grand Canyon Railway ride is an exceptional nostalgic experience that you and your family will enjoy while mesmerizing about the beautiful sceneries around the Grand Canyon.

  • WINTER FUN through CROSSCOUNTRY SKIING and SNOWSHOEING - If you prefer to take advantage of the majestic wonders of the Grand Canyon during the less crowded season in winter you must try to explore the canyon by cross-country skiing and snowshoeing. Enjoy the tranquil and naturally peaceful setting of the Grand Canyon during this time and have some fun during winter. Ski rental companies are located around the park area so there is no need to bring in your own equipment.

Best Places to Stay near the Grand Canyon

If you intend to stay overnight or for a few nights while traveling the Grand Canyon, you will definitely need a good place to stay. There are several types of accommodations from lodging houses, hotels, camping and inns around the Grand Canyon area.

  • Canyon Plaza Resort Grand - situated within the heart of the Grand Canyon National Park, the Canyon Plaza Resort is the perfect place to stay to fully enjoy the best Grand Canyon experience. Just minutes away from the park entrance with full amenities for a comfortable stay.

  • Phanton Ranch, Grand Canyon Village - built in 1922 as a stopover place for hikers, this is an ideal place good for an overnight stay for hikers, backpackers and explorers. Very affordable dormitory type and cabin accommodations located alongside the Bright Angel Creek.

  • The Grand Hotel - offers modern and spacious hotel rooms complete with amenities. Conveniently located just one mile from the canyon park entrance at the South Rim of the Grand Canyon.

  • El Tovar Hotel - is simple but beautifully decorated with hunting lodge style furnishings that brings back the old hotel’s charms to 1905 when it was originally built. Great location with standard hotel accommodations plus the exceptional panoramic view makes this hotel a top choice among travelers.

Best Places to Dine near the Grand Canyon

Amidst the massive grandeur of the Grand Canyon, this area in Arizona offers the best dining experience through numerous local eateries, casual diners and restaurants. Sample authentic Native American cuisine or old fashioned home style meals for sure you will have a great gastronomic adventure here.

  • El Tovar Dining Room - this is a popular choice among tourist and very well-loved for its characteristic historical charm that serves great tasting food in a cozy rustic and warm ambience. Great views of the canyon are available on tables next to the windows. Need to get reservation done in advance because this place is usually packed with diners during peak season.

  • Arizona Room - is a famously known for its spectacular sunset views of the Grand Canyon. Located right next to Bright Angel Lodge this exceptional restaurant offers well-prepared and delicious dishes. People come here to satisfy their hunger for great tasting savory thick steaks and grilled chicken among others. Most dishes here have the Southwestern twist that you will surely love to have the next time.

  • Maswik Cafeteria - this eatery is a great place to grab great tasting meals that will truly satisfy. A casual dining place with no frills offers sumptuous sandwiches, pastas, vegetarian options and authentic Mexican dishes.

Exploring the grandeur of the beautiful Grand Canyon will give you your most precious photography shots along with vivid memories of the marvelous canyon scenic views. Allow yourself to soak in the splendid natural beauty of this amazing spot and plan your Grand Canyon tours today!

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