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Things To Do In Denali National Park : 2 Adventures

Danali National Park Tours

Denali National Park

Originally known as Mount McKinley National Park, the Denali National Park is now Alaska’s pride and gem. Nestled against untouched wilderness, among massive forest, frozen tundra, glacial lakes, and majestic mountains that includes the highest mountain in North America, Mount McKinley- Denali National Park is a premiere destination for any nature lover.

President Jimmy Carter declared in 1976 that this park is an international environmental reserve that stressed out the importance of preserving its ecosystem through conservation and by sensible use of natural resources. By 1980 the incorporation of Mount McKinley National Park and Denali National Monument were formed to establish the Denali National Park and Preserve.

Denali National Park has six million acres of untamed land cleaved by just one stretch of wide open road. Traveling here will take you to green forest to alpine white snowy mountains, all the way to North America’s highest peak at Mount McKinley. Marvel at the sight of wild free roaming animals in the Alaskan snow, in their own natural habitat and commune with nature in your amazing Denali National Park Tours. If you are seeking solitude and tranquility amidst wilderness and breathtaking sceneries then you should come to Denali Park in Alaska.

Seasons in Alaska: Best Time to Visit

Denali National Park Northern Lights Denali Park changes completely with the change of season. Winters can definitely be unforgiving but blatantly beautiful. Summer time is short but packed with fun filled activities for people and animals. Springs are usually brief that in a few days can show significant differences from dreary looking hillsides to lush verdant greens with hints of brown. Fall season is also short with sights of green tundra plants turning into brilliant colors of reds and oranges but will soon fade back to brown in a week’s time.

NOTE: Visitor services and activities are usually available during late May until early September. Denali Park’s visitor’s center is regularly open daily from 8AM until 6PM.

  • SPRING TIME: Spring season in any year in Alaska depends on the weather. Expect road plowing activities in March. Roads towards Denali Park are ideally accessible via private vehicles by the middle of April. Further updates are provided.

  • SUMMER TIME:Public bus service usually begins each year on May 20 but complete road accessibility is available until June 8. Available shuttle busses operate each year on the second Thursday after Labor Day. No more shuttle services are available after these dates September 12, 2013, September 11, 2013 and on September 17, 2015 respectively.

  • FALL:Considered as a shoulder season, all private vehicles can only drive up to 30 miles within the park when the weather permits but will last until snow covers and closes the road. Get an update about the current conditions before visiting the park.

  • WINTER:The road from the park’s entrance up to mile 3 to the Park Headquarters is plowed during significant snowfall. Visitor services and activities are already starting and the visitor center is now open daily from 9AM until 4PM except on major holidays.

Denali Tours

Denali National Park is explored by many world travelers for its breathtaking scenery and amazing wildlife. An exceptional place of excitement where visitors can find many memorable things to do in Denali.

Denali Park is open all year long with many activities ranging from fun to extreme levels. Summertime is quite busy for adventurous travelers due to the park’s accessibility by bus. For a unique travel experience find a great place for solace and tranquility here, but prepare to face the challenges of extreme weather condition.

  • EXPLORE NATURE AND LEARN FROM IT. Denali National Park and Reserve is home to The Murie Science and Learning Center that offers Denali National Park Tours for educational and exploration purposes. Participate in one of their outstanding programs and get ready to explore the 6 million acre land. This will give you the chance to learn about wildlife in Alaska, wolf tracking, identifying wildflowers, glacier monitoring and even paleontology are just a few of the things that you can experience.

    Denali National Park is really the greatest nature’s classroom that will remind visitors of the importance of conserving wild lands. There are about 39 species of animals roaming freely within the park. Spot some wild but adorable Denali grizzly bears and wolves. Chance upon sighting any of the 169 species of birds which can be viewed during the summer. Denali is known for its exceptional wildlife viewing and there are very few areas in the U. S. where you can actually experience a “safari type adventure”. Here, you can view wildlife in their natural habitat unlike viewing animals in zoo cages- nothing beats this priceless experience that you can only find in Denali.

  • TAKE A SCENIC DRIVE. Denali National Park has main road that is 91 miles long and it will take 13 hours to fully discover the area round trip. Visitors who are traveling via private vehicles can drive up to 15 miles reaching the Savage River Check Station from here, a shuttle bus is available to pick up travelers. Tour busses are also available but a little more expensive. Experience the best hop-on to hop-off bus ride while enjoying the vast wilderness scenic views. This scenic bus ride will take you to view magnificent glacier flows, roaming animals, lush forests and up to Mount McKinley for another exciting trip on your Denali tours in this awesome 70 mile bus ride.

  • HIKING THE DENALI TRAIL. The trails inside Denali Park are usually centered around the visitor’s center for the convenience of the hikers. Most trails are located alongside the Park Road that will connect to the visitor center and with other important park facilities such as Riley Creek Campground, Wilderness Access Center and to the sled dog kennels located within the park. You can try hiking other trails that will depart from the usual surroundings of the Park Road into various areas that are more serene and quiet. Trails inside the Denali Park are generally easy to moderate but there are available trails that will send hikers deeper into the park.

  • RIVER RAFTING THROUGH GLACIAL WATER. Experience a uniquely wild white water rafting along the Nenana River which is situated along the Denali Highway and into the park’s canyon, which is the most popular rafting water stream. Rated Class I (easy) and II (moderate), the Nenana’s glacial water will pass through birch and lush forests where you can chance upon some moose and feeding bears then it roll into the park’s canyon just within the park’s entrance. Rafting options are available for an exhilarating 2 hour ride and for a whole day to fully enjoy this thrilling and adventurous ride. Children are allowed in several trips.

Best Places to Stay in Denali National Park

Denali National Park has sprawling 6 million acres of natural beauty for travelers to discover and explore. Denali’s famous for having one of the highest mountains in the world and with only one park road that leads to mystifying wilderness.

There are several options for visitors when it comes to accommodations. From traditional log cabin lodging homes, campgrounds, backpacking to scenic inns that will truly make your Denali Park’s visit very memorable.

  • Denali Lakeview Inn - nestled beautifully along the tranquil Otto Lake, you will treated to the best scenic views of Mount Healy, Mount Dora and of course Otto Lake in every room suite. Each room is equipped will all the necessities from satellite TV to microwave and refrigerator. Open all year round.

  • North Face Lodge - a traditional country inn with access to eight major peaks of the majestic Alaska Range. Nestled right in the middle of lush Alaskan tundra vegetation with a sweeping view that you can enjoy through a common veranda in their comfortable and modern guest rooms. Only 1.5 miles from Wonder Lake and highly accessible by biking and leisure walking. A truly exceptional place to stay in Denali Park.

  • McKinley Chalet Resort - offers the best accommodations near the walking trails to the beautiful Nenana River. Great for family and group vacationers, very accessible to downtown village. A loop shuttle service is available to transport guests from their cabin into the main lobby where you can enjoy good food and great views.

Best Places to Dine in Denali National Park

There are several restaurants and food joints around Denali Park but there are exceptional places to go to for great tasting food. Some remote lodges within the park offer authentic wilderness dining experience and for sure yours will be truly exceptional when dining here.

  • Kantishna Roadhouse - offers great roadhouse full food package and conveniently located along Moose Creek. Original roadhouse meals feature fresh baked breads, fresh salmons and halibuts cooked with freshly picked vegetables right from their own greenhouse. This is the only full-service saloon with a great selection of fine wines, Alaskan beers and other liquors in the Denali National Park.

  • Overlook Bar and Grill - is a lively and fun establishment and has shuttle service available from the park’s highway. Great burgers and craft beer are overflowing and for fine dining there is a quieter area that offers a sweeping view of the Nenana Canyon.

  • 229 Parks Restaurant and Tavern - looking for fresh organic cuisine? Then get ready to experience the best organic dining prepared by Chef Laura Cole and company. Menu changes daily depending on what is the available fresh harvest and seasonal offerings. Committed to serve sustainable and the freshest Alaskan cuisine

  • Black Bear Coffee House - great place to experience the best coffee in town with the exceptional friendliness of local folks. For great tasting sandwiches, pastries, freshly baked goodies and surprising offers of delectable vegetarian dishes. Very good service in a friendly cozy atmosphere.

Denali National Park is the perfect vacation destination to explore the protected wildlife sanctuary and wilderness with breathtaking panoramic views that will surely amaze you. Yearly, this park attracts over 400,000 visitors and be among the lucky ones to fully experience the beauty of nature in the untamed wilderness with a Denali tour.

Denali National Park Map

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Alaska Off Road Adventure by Denali Sightseeing Safaris Llc

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