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Things to do in Alaska


Alaska- naturally breathtaking, inspiring scenic views, teeming wildlife, unspoiled and simply awesome! This U. S. state has many beautiful places to see that will surely captivate any visitor. There is really no place can match the natural beauty of Alaska.

The United States bought Alaska for $7.2 million from Russia in 1867 and by January of 1959 it finally became the 49th U. S. state and the largest among all states. Located in the northwest end of the North American continent, bordered by Canada to the east, Arctic Ocean to the north and surrounded by the Pacific Ocean to the west and south sides. Further to the west across the Bering Strait is Russia.

This American state is truly a gem and it would be a memorable experience to travel here and witness the natural grandeur of Alaska. Yearly, there are about a million tourists visiting Alaska for unique traveling experiences that are totally different from the rest of the 49 U. S. states. There is really no other place like Alaska on earth. And for whatever reason you may want to travel here, for sure you’ll have unforgettable Alaskan experiences that will linger for a very long time.

Best Times to Visit Alaska

The very best months to visit Alaska are anytime between mid-May and mid-September. During this period, days in Alaska are much longer and when nature is at its finest, this is the summer season for most visitors. Extended daylight is expected to last for about 19 hours in June and this month is the driest considering the usual Alaskan rainfall throughout the year. Frequent raining is very usual during autumn with minimal chances of clear weather. While the busiest time for outdoor and winter recreational activities are in the months of December to March. Most Alaska tours operate from mid-May until mid-September while peak season is between mid-June to mid-August. Right before and after these periods are considered as shoulder seasons where you’ll get the best deals and offers with discounts of about ten to twenty-five percent.

Best Things to Do in Alaska

The awesome panoramic scenic beauty of Alaska with majestic ice glaciers and teeming wildlife are the best highlights of Alaska tours. This vast unspoiled U. S. state has exceptional natural wonders, great exciting things to do in Alaska while exploring the unique beautiful landscape, great culture, rich history and warm people.

  • GREAT WILDLIFE TOURS in ALASKA - There are a lot of exciting places to view wildlife here. Whether you choose to see wildlife in their own natural habitat or protected within a sanctuary or enclosure for sure you’ll always have a great opportunity to get first hand views that you can capture in your photography and will give you insights to the Alaskan local fauna. The SeaLife Center is a magnificent world class marine facility that aims to educate visitors the importance of the Alaska’s marine ecosystem. Witness the 2,000 pound heavy Steller sea lion swimming underwater viewing windows, harbor seals on beaches and cute puffins in their own natural environment. While the Wildlife Conservatory Center takes care of injured and orphaned local animals that can no longer survive on their own in the wild. See great animals like caribou, bison, elk, eagles, Siberian boar, moose among others living naturally and carefree in this vast sanctuary. The Alaska Raptor Center gives guests the opportunity to look at birds of prey up close while they are treated and rehabilitated in this wonderful sanctuary. From mighty eagles, hawks, falcons and snowy owls the center aims to educate while caring for these animals.

  • WONDERFUL HIKING TOURS of ALASKA - Nothing can beat the joy and excitement of hiking in the Alaskan trails. Marvel at the panoramic views along the trail while you get to view wildlife in its own habitat. Parks around Alaska offer wonderful 750 trails, great for inexperience or serious hiker. Why not take a hiking expedition along the Lost Lake Trail located at the northern end of Alaska. Also known as the Primrose Trail this hike will take you to an enchanting rainforest and several beautiful lakes upon reaching the high meadows. This trail offers the best scenic views of snow clad mountains and alpine terrain. For a more unique hiking experience head out to the Beach Trail with one mile long shore that will traverse to beach meadows and lush forests, home to moose, bears and porcupines. Spots some migratory birds like woodpeckers, blue grouse, orange crowned warblers, kinglets and juncos along the way. What’s even more amazing is that you can also spot some humpback whales and Steller sea lions nearing the Bartlett Cove entrance.

  • SCENIC DRIVES AROUND ALASKA - Have the most amazing scenic drive that you can do at your own pace right into the most beautiful scenery that you can ever see. Driving is one of the most favorite things to do in Alaska of many visitors here and you’ll just know why once you begin your incredible journey on Alaskan roads. The greatest place in Alaska to have scenic day drives is in Anchorage where many car rentals are available. Begin at the legendary Parks Highway while having a good glimpse of Mount McKinley; cruise along the Seward Highway with pleasant coastal views then drive down the Glenn Highway to view the magnificent Matanuska Glacier. Every each turn along the roads of Alaska will give you great scenic views with unique characteristics that you will never find elsewhere.

  • FISHING in the ALASKAN WATERS - Fishing is one of the most popular things to do in Alaska. Whether you like fly-fishing, ice fishing, saltwater fishing or freshwater fishing Alaska offers the best scenic fishing spots in the world. You can definitely go fishing on your own or better yet charter a boat or plane to fish in the wild secluded fishing holes around Alaska. There are many rivers, countless streams and numerous lakes in Alaska that can test your angler skills. What’s even more amazing is the abundance of marine life that you will have a hard time to decide where to fish and what to catch.

  • White Water Rafting Alaska EXPERIENCE an UNFORGETTABLE WHITE WATER RAFTING TRIP in REMOTE and WILD RIVERS - Alaska considered as the Last Frontier has many spectacular remote places that you can discover. Wild river rides are available in small groups led by Alaskans in any of the rafting adventure trip here. The Hulahula River located in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge will begin the rafting journey high above the Romanzoff Mountains east of the Brook Range. This wild river ride will take you rushing to the north all the way to the Beaufort Sea of the Arctic Ocean. The Nigu/Etivluk Rivers are remotely located and perfect for a wild river exploration. There are treeless valleys around these remote rivers that serve as a refuge to migrating Arctic caribou herds that was hunted and traded by the Inuits and Athabascans nomads for over a thousand years ago. Evidence of these people still remains from the still standing pit houses and ridge top cairns along the river side. Raptors, artic grizzlies and artic wolves are all abundant here in their own natural habitat.

  • Dogsledding Alaska SPEND a SPECTACULAR WINTER in ALASKA - Even days are short and night times are long there is no way to shut down all the thrills and fun that Alaska can deliver to its visitors. Great winter fun activities and Alaska tours are available for you to enjoy. Amidst the cold and darker days in Alaska several festivals, world class skiing, exciting races and the world famous Northern Lights are all happening. While in Anchorage, this is a perfect time to watch the famous Iditarod dog race and have the opportunity to experience a dog sled tour of Alaska. Best skiing resorts around Alaska are all set up to provide world class ski experience in the vast snowcapped alpine areas. Then have some time to take a scenic flight or train ride to Fairbanks to witness the mystifying and drama of the Northern Lights and while here check out the famous World Ice Art Championship that will truly amaze you.

  • TAKE a FLIGHTSEEING TOUR to VIEW the ALASKAN GLACIERS - Majestic and towering glaciers are part of best Alaska attractions and viewing these natural wonders by air is a relatively exhilarating experience that you should not miss. The opportunity of seeing Alaska by air is unmatched by any sightseeing tour, from above you’ll have the grandest scenic views of the snowcapped glaciers and Alaskan landscape unique to this region. View enormous several miles long ice fields into the highest mountain peaks with ridges along this landscape. These beautiful ice formations can be viewed best in the southeast part of Alaska.

Best Places to Stay while in Alaska

Alaska has many types of accommodations for any kind of traveler. From rustic bed and breakfast lodges, country styled inns, hotels and motels to suit any style and budget. Choose your best accommodation and have a restful stay in the Last Frontier where you’ll experience the best vacation ever.

  • Highland Glen Lodge Bed and Breakfast - is conveniently located just 15 minutes away from downtown Anchorage. Nestled within nature’s beautiful setting this charming bed and breakfast offers comfortable accommodations with great service. Great for families and couples who are looking for a home type ambience.

  • Orca Island Cabins - if you opt to have the most unique accommodation in Alaska then you must book a place to stay at Orca Island Cabins located in a scenic private island in Resurrection Bay just a short drive from Anchorage. Yurt style cabins offer guests the best and tranquil accommodation that offers scenic views of the ocean and marine life just outside your door.

  • Parkside Guest House - is the perfect sanctuary for visitors in Anchorage. Great spacious rooms with country home ambience conveniently located near Anchorage great attractions. You’ll definitely feel at home in this charming bed and breakfast.

  • Springhill Suites Fairbanks - enjoy the Northern Lights and stay where comfort and convenience are best experienced in Springhill Suites in Fairbanks. Conveniently located to downtown and nearby attractions.

  • Grande Denali Lodge - this great hotel is located just one mile from the entrance of Denali National Park. Situated on top of Sugarloaf Mountain provides the best views of the Alaska Range. Private cabins are available for a more secluded recluse and privacy.

Best Places to Dine in Alaska

When dining in Alaska expect the freshest best seafood dishes in many local restaurants here. There are many places to dine here from eatery joints, steakhouse, coffee shops, bars and secluded restaurants amidst the Alaskan wilderness.

  • Seven Glaciers Restaurant - this posh restaurant offers diners the most unique dining experience high above Mount Alyeska. Dining at the Seven Glaciers will begin with a scenic tram ride above lush treetops from here you will take a lift into the dining room illuminating the glacial ice in its fine architectural design. Rated AAA Four Diamond restaurant in Alaska offering the best contemporary cuisine that will surely satisfy you. Great ambience and good food for a memorable gastronomic journey.

  • Trackers Bar & Grill - is a popular hang out in Fairbanks that offers casual dining in a spectacular dining ambience. Great tasting seafood cuisine, sandwiches among others that perfectly go with your favorite Alaskan beer.

  • Moose’s Tooth Pub and Pizzeria - is best known for its great tasting pizzas that can be ordered with wild Alaskan toppings in a casual dining ambience. Located in Anchorage this restaurant offers delicious dishes with superb service.

  • Ray's Waterfront - serves the finest seafood cuisine in Seward, Alaska. Fresh seafood dishes like scallops with bleu cheese and the halibut in coconut curry sauce are truly delicious. Great seafront ambience and excellent quality dishes for a truly memorable dining experience in Alaska.

  • Chart Room - great dining place with ample scenic views of Margaret Bay. This fine restaurant is located in the beautiful Aleutian Islands on the second floor of this hotel. Best known for its sumptuous seafood buffet that features the freshest salmon, king crab and native halibut. The gratifying seafood buffet is offered every Wednesday and be sure to make reservation ahead of time to ensure your spot in this famous restaurant.

Alaska is an exceptional place to visit to witness the wonders of nature, present in its majestic ice glaciers, gleaming lakes and streams, and priceless scenic views that will make your stay an unforgettable experience. With historical wonders, vast wilderness and the abundance of wildlife- great for any explorer who wanted more than the ordinary.

Alaskan Regions

Iconic Spots. Significant Savings. One Amazing Experience.

12 Iconic Locations
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