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Bungee Jumping In Europe : 24 Adventures

Bungee Jumping in Europe

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007 Bungee by Trekking Team AG

Bungee Jumping in Switzerland
This is the jump featured in the James Bond Golden Eye movie.

Jungle Swing by Bungy-Jauntal

Bungee Jumping in Austria
The giant 70-meter swing - only at the Jauntal Bridge! The new summer thrill for the entire family. Whether alone, with a friend, or even in a trio - fun is guaranteed. You stand on the bank of the river at the bridge abutment, 20 meters above the waters ...

Bungee Jumping by Bungee Extreme

Bungee Jumping in England, United Kingdom
Bungee Extreme was established in 1993, and all our equipment is independently tested and insured. Bungee Extreme has a 100% safety record, as such we advise and work closely the Health and safety executive


Bungee Jumping in Finland
The SKY ROCKET –ejection seat shoots the person into the sky up to a height of 70 metres at a speed over one hundred kilometres per hour. The acceleration is about 5 Gs, which exceeds even that of Formula 1 cars. The participant is strapped to the seat with ...

Bungee Center by Exploring Bungee

Bungee Jumping in Biella, Piemonte
Exploring Outdoor S.r.l. is the first professional Italian organisation that introduced Bungee Jumping in Italy. We started in 1993 and by the year 1994 we had already opened the 1st permanent Bungee Center in Italy with over 3,000 jumps in just one ...

Bungee Jumping by Latitude Challenge

Bungee Jumping in France
These people operate at two sites so phone before going. Tandem available for 970Frs They claim this is the biggest in Europe and this is where I made my Bungee comeback. It may be 182 meters to the bottom, but they use a standard bungee so the actual free ...

Bridge Bungy Jump by Xtreme Sports

Bungee Jumping in Liberec, Liberecky Kraj
We work Bungy jumping (Bungee jumping) from the highest bridge in the Czech republic near the City Karlovy Vary from the height about 180,44 ft(55 m). In this place we work Swing jumping (Pendl 4D jump, Kienes jumping, Pendullum jumping) too. Other activities ...

Bridge Bungee Jump by The UK Bungee Club

Bungee Jumping in Wakefield, England
Windsor / Datchet Bungee Jump – Main UK bungee jump site. Manchester Bungee Jump – the North West's only regular bungee jump site. Bridge Bungee Jump Middlesbrough – The UK's only bridge bungee jump. The Abyss @ Magna – The world's only indoor bungee jump ...

Bungy Jumping by Bungy-Jauntal

Bungee Jumping in Austria
Experience 'Freedom' in a new dimension and be mesmerized by free fall. Give your lust for adventure wings and improve your self-confidence. A Bungy Jump will make you feel completely new dimensions of life. Bungy Jumping - the unique combination of ...

Bungee by K.I. Bungee Jump

Bungee Jumping in Olomoucky Kraj, Czech Republic
Since 1993 we have provided the public with professional bungee jumping services at Zvikov bridge. We should say ....but with hyperbole...that our company is the founder, the first pioneer of bungee activities in the Czech Republic. Maybe you are one of the ...

Aradaina Bungee Site by Liquid Bungy

Bungee Jumping in Florina, Greece
138m high bungee.

Catapulting by K.I. Bungee Jump

Bungee Jumping in Olomoucky Kraj, Czech Republic
Catapultž: The jumper is attached to a springy rope on the ground and then let fly by special equipment almost 30 meters above the ground. This activity is usualy realized by mobile cranes. This activity is realized only for a minimum of 10 applicants.

Hot Rocket Bungy by Bungy-Jauntal

Bungee Jumping in Austria
A Hot Tip for all those who would like to push to higher levels and break the limits of gravity. You will go full speed toward the sky. You take off like a rocket, accelerating from 0 to 100 km/h in one second. With all your might, yet somehow with ...

Bungee Jumping by Sky High Bungee

Bungee Jumping in Sheffield, England
Bungee Jumping first started hundreds of years ago in the South Pacific island of Vanuatu. Young native tribesmen used to leap off huge trees with vines tied to their ankles, as a test of manhood. Contrary to popular belief, modern Bungee Jumping was founded ...

Bungee Jumping by Bungy Jump Holland

Bungee Jumping in Netherlands
Come To Scheveningen and Dare To Jump From 60 Metre Above the Big Northsea. Check For More Information About the Hours and Prices the Link ""Info"". Don't Forget To Watch Now and Then, the Link ""Agenda"" For Upcoming Events!! See You Soon At Bjc ...

Strikkhopping by Midnight Sun Bungee Team

Bungee Jumping in Norway
Strikkhopping is our main activity and we have experience with this since its inception in 1992. In Norway, bungee jumping mainly been arranged from mobile cranes, but we have also at some occasions been given permission to use the various bridges. This ...

Bungy Jumps by Sky Breakers

Bungee Jumping in Finland
Sky Breakers' Bungy Team has arranged bungee jumping since 1989. In 1990 bungy jumps were arranged for the public for the first time, pioneering the sport in Northern Europe. In 1994 bungy jumping was introduced to the Baltic countries and in 1998 to the ...

Bungee by Bungee Factory

Bungee Jumping in Spain
10 years jumping and doing commercial jumping. We jump from bridges, cranes, balloons, and others. we do as well catapult, skycoaster, jump master trainnig courses, aerealsafety trainning ,bungee material, stunt TV and cinema, sponsoring, promotions , ...

Bungee Jumping by Vertige Adventures

Bungee Jumping in Grenoble, Rhone-Alpes
They organise lots of outdoorzy type activities including bungee (le benji) Mountainbiking, Canyoning, 4x4 and parascending. It is necessary to reserve 2 weeks in advance. You can see some of the photos from their leaflet. Extra Info from Juha Aalto: Founded ...

Bungy Jumping by Sports Unlimited

Bungee Jumping in Ingolstadt, Bayern
We offer 50m to 150m Crane jumps in several cities during special events. We also offer: Vertical Skywalk (for building staging...) one of the best vertical shows in the world. Stunt productions, Basedive, House Running.

Bungy Jump by A J Hackett France

Bungee Jumping in Caen, Basse-Normandie
The benchmark for bungy jumping worldwide. Jump off 61m from an old viaduct. Our permanent bungy site welcomes all thrill seekers with bungy but also a giant flying fox and a giant swing.

Bungy Jump Holland by Bungy Jump Holland

Bungee Jumping in Scheveningen, Zuid-Holland
Come to Scheveningen and dare to jump from 60 metre above the big Northsea. Check for more information about the hours and prices the link "info". Don't forget to watch now and then, the link "agenda" for upcoming events!!

Bungee Jumping by Bungee Jumping Croatia

Bungee Jumping in Sibensko-Kninska, Croatia
Unique jumping from bridge in Croatia!

Bungy Jumping by Zulu Bungy

Bungee Jumping in Corinth, Korinthia
Life has changed, society has changed, the world has changed. To find one's way, one has to unchain himself, his mind, his spirit and his body. If you accept life as a challenge: to do more, to know more, to see more, then you are prepared for the future. ...
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